Financial Literacy Training

In order to further the benefit that Stockton Impact Corps has beyond financing local businesses, the organization extends financial literacy training and other services to individuals in the community. Services offered to the community will be tailored to help individuals get a better idea of their financial situation and establish financial security. Key areas of training for community members will include budgeting, establishing savings, managing debt, banking services, and more.

Small Business Development

In order for the micro-loans provided by Stockton Impact Corps to have a positive impact, the organization offers support services to the small businesses it finances before, during, and after receipt of a loan. Prior to applying for financing, businesses or start-ups will participate in a 6-week business training and preparation program designed to help refine a business model and create a formal business plan. Businesses who receive financing from Stockton Impact Corps will have the opportunity to undergo 1 on 1 consulting sessions to create a strategy for funds provided to the entrepreneur. Through these activities, the organization can ensure that the loaned funds have the desired effect on the borrower and can have a positive impact upon the repayment rates in the portfolio.


Stockton Impact Corps provides short and medium-term working capital loans to small businesspeople operating in and around Stockton, CA. Loans are provided to members of Stockton’s economically active underbanked community to assist small businesses purchase supplies, inventory, machinery, furniture, fixtures, and/or equipment. These services are provided to help the entrepreneur generate income and cash flow that will be sufficient to grow the business to the point that it will be able to receive financing from traditional financial institutions.

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