What is Stockton Impact Corps?

Our Clients: Small businesses and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The mission of Stockton Impact Corps is to act as a catalyst mobilizing community assets to create economic opportunity in Stockton. To achieve our mission, Stockton Impact Corps offers business owners small business development training and micro-loans. These loans will provide entrepreneurs with initial capital to get their business started; during the repayment of the loan, Stockton Impact Corps will work with loan recipients to prepare them for more traditional borrowing from a financial institution. We believe that financial stability is attained through the combination of knowledge, opportunity, and access to capital; by offering these services, the organization will be able to have a traceable impact on Stockton, providing more economic stimulation.

Aside from micro-lending and small business development courses, Stockton Impact Corps is offering financial literacy training courses to the community to assist in budget preparation, personal cash flow management, and smart financial decisions.

Partnering for Success

Higher Education Institutions: Stockton Impact Corps has formed relationships with University of the Pacific and Delta College to assist with the sourcing of qualified volunteer students. These organizations are interested in the goal of Stockton Impact Corps to provide students with real world experience in micro-finance, and are excited to be able to partner with an organization that can provide these opportunities.

Funding Partners: The organization has formed a relationship with Community Impact Investing Company (CIIC), which will provide a link for Stockton Impact Corps to interested social investors. Loans made by Stockton Impact Corps will be partially funded through this partnership and it is a key part to Stockton Impact Corps’ mission of sustainability.

Local Organizations & Small Businesses Advocates: Each partnership will allow for key outreach opportunities within the community, allowing Stockton Impact Corps to reach new segments of individuals to ensure sustainability within the community.

Local Banks: With the goal to bring the underbanked to a bankable state, we are working with the local banking community to ensure our clients are on a successful path toward positive credit and financial stability.

Micro-finance Professionals: Through industry ties, Stockton Impact Corps has formed ties with important industry professionals in the fields of micro-finance and impact investing. These individuals will provide a real world outlook through in depth experience in their careers. These relationships will be an important part of providing trainings to volunteer students and showing a bigger picture of the work they are doing within the community.

Board or Directors

Joe Johnson

Chairman of the Board
Partner, Johnson Consulting

Laura Strombom

Treasurer & Secretary
Owner, All About Numbers

Nancy Starr

Owner, Starr Capital

Gillian Murphy

Dean, San Joaquin Delta College

Jerry Hildebrand

Social Entrepreneur

Mark Crockett

Executive Director, Stockton Impact Corps

Peg Ciccolella

Professor, University of the Pacific

Executive Team

Executive Director

Mark Crockett


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